To laugh is to start healing !

To laugh, to split your sides, to be rolling around the floor, to slap your thighs, to burst into laughter, to be bent double, to be helpless with laughter ; life’s best medicine !

It is a well-known fact. Laughter calms, soothes, treats and heals.
In a society where the news spills out its daily images of war, pollution, factory closures and financial scandals, how are we not to give in to depression or craziness ?

And that’s without going into stress at work, freak weather, the kids from upstairs driving their tricycles incessantly around above our heads or the mega buck salaries received by company directors.


With that in mind, why should we be surprised that sickness and health insurance costs increase ?

Some claim that laughter actively promotes healing. From a physiological point of view, it releases endorphins which have pain-relieving, calming or euphoric properties. It increases oxygen absorption, reduces blood pressure, massages the gut (and in doing so improves the function of the liver and intestines) and relaxes muscles. And that’s just a start !

Some, including eminent doctors, even organise laughter seminars and there are more and more clowns in hospitals. Neurologists even claim to have found the section of the brain used in laughter and can envisage its stimulation to trigger artificial hilarity !
(JPEG) Maybe before long we’ll be able to ask our health insurance to reimburse the cost of comic shows.

What’s more, laughter is contagious. I will erect a statue to the fist researcher who can put it into tablet form. We could then dish it out five-fold to : the sick, politicians, global decision makers, dictators and all those who take themselves too seriously. And the world would, without doubt, turn more easily.
(From Steve Axentios)

The power of a smile

A smile costs nothing but gives so much.
It makes the person who receives it richer without making the person who gives it poorer.
(GIF) It happens in the fraction of a second and yet, the memory of it can last a lifetime.
It brings joy to the home, increases motivation at work and is the universal sign of friendship. It is the rest for those that are tired, the light for those that are discouraged, and the ray of sunshine for those who are sad, and the best natural antidote to problems.
It can’t be bought, nor begged for, nor borrowed, nor stolen, because a smile only has value when it is a gift.

A smiling epidemic

A smile is infectious and can be caught like a cold.
When someone smiled at me today, I started to smile too.
I turned the corner and someone saw my smile. When he smiled, I realised that I had passed it on to him.
I thought about that smile and its value. So, you see, a simple smile, like mine can go around the world and back again !
If you feel like smiling, don’t hold back : do it ! Let’s start an epidemic and infect the world !