For several years now Clément Triboulet has become a specialist at writing “tailor-made” shows.

He listens to and respects what the organisers want, he writes using the location, its history, current affairs. He manages to get ideas and messages across, to relive an era, to include the audience.


At the crossroads of the worlds of clowning, theatre, street art, circus and music he can get together a team of the best comedians and technicians to make a success of the projects with which he is entrusted.

One of the best examples, without doubt, is the show created by Triboulet Productions ordered by the Belgian senate in 2006 to commemorate the Constitution of Belgium in 1831 for 6th year primary school students. With his team of actors in period costume (thanks to Costhea !), circus artists, make up artists, costume designers, and sound technicians (such a united and efficient team that that the Press called them the “Triboulet company”), they played the “Constitution assembly” in the same semicircle where it actually took place 175 years earlier, 6 times a day, for three days and in two languages in front of 4.500 fascinated 12 year olds.


This show received eulogistic press reviews (see article and video hereunder)


You want to laugh, to inject some craziness or create some dreams for your occasions, call us at TRIBOULET PRODUCTIONS and we’ll so the rest.



Press articles

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La Libre 7-2-06
La constituante

Download the Video of the Show de la Constitution (21Mb)