Film and cartoon dubbing - Voice over - Narration - Advertising

Clément Triboulet has, as those who have heard him know, a very good voice. An experienced singer, he has also narrated several documentaries, dubbed films and cartoons, done voice overs for shows and lent his voice to advertising.
For the launch of the free small ads paper “J’annonce” in the French speaking part of Belgium, he co wrote an advertising sitcom for radio : “La famille Malchance” (the Family Badluck) with Pascal Grégoire which told the adventures of a working class family from Liege.
Able to change his voice at will and adopt any accent, Clément Triboulet created and interpreted 8 different characters (men and women). The sitcom was broadcast daily for two years on various radio stations : Bel RTL, Contact, NRJ, Ciel,...

Listen to some sound extracts from the sitcom here

Windows Media - 1.9 Mo
Spot TV Biscuits Plop

MP3 - 478.7 ko
Quel Potin

MP3 - 480 ko
Promener le chien

MP3 - 473.8 ko
Le chat

MP3 - 473.8 ko
Le cierge

MP3 - 473.4 ko
Le soldat

MP3 - 481.2 ko
Le vétérinaire

MP3 - 479.5 ko
Tremblement de terre

MP3 - 476.3 ko
Les avions

MP3 - 468.9 ko
Les sports d’hivers

MP3 - 469.7 ko
Tombés du camion