My teachers and masters

On this page I would like to introduce you to and honour those without whom I would not be who I am today.

Jango Edwards

Jango is not only one of the greatest clowns alive, he is also a humanitarian, an altruist, a psychologist and someone who really knows the human soul.
(JPEG) During the 70s, at a time when he could have continued his career as a successful businessman in the States, his quest for humanity and Ouspensky’s book “The Fourth Way” led him to leave everything behind and come to Europe to study, work and finally teach the art of clowning.
Of Anglo-Irish descent on his father’s side and Russian-Polish on his mother’s, he is a true citizen of the world, who since that time has exported his religion, the so called “The Church of Grin”, all over the world.
In 1975 he created “Foolstock”, the Woodstock of the clowning world in Amsterdam, a non-conventional annual convention where each year, up until 1984, clowns from all over the world came to have fun together much to the delight of an increasingly large audience in the Vondelpark.
He is a clown, a juggler, a singer, a stunt man, a mime artist, a dancer, an acrobat, an actor, a magician, a composer, a director and a producer.

Jango helped me progress from being an amateur comedian to being a clown. At that time I was just one of his numerous fans, fascinated by his energy, his unending talent, his no limits attitude, his new style humour and his love of people that shines through his shows.
He is one of the most important people that I have ever met. I will never forget what he said when we met “You, you need a kick up the arse and I’m here to give it to you”.
In life, nothing is pure chance ; it’s all down to destiny... He whisked me off in his rejuvenating craziness, taught me the profession and, above all, passed on the clown’s soul. Today, I am lucky enough to be his friend, his translator, his assistant and especially to be able to work at his side in street theatre. I deeply love and respect this man, without him, I would never have become the clown that I am today.


(JPEG) Jango’s shows are not only exceptionally funny, but also intense unforgettable moments that you will never forget and which can change your way of seeing things and appreciating life.
He is currently touring Europe, doing “W.FUN Radio 121” with the Italian clown Peter Ercolano, so, if he comes your way, don’t hesitate, go !
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Carlo Colombaioni

Carlo passed away in May 2008.
(JPEG) Clown is a far too small a word to define Carlo Colombaioni.
Carlo was born in Italy. Born into an Italian circus family, he is a clown, an acrobat, a trapeze artist, a juggler, a mime artist and a stunt man who has appeared in Fellini’s films and several westerns. He inherited the ‘Comédia dell’Arte’ practiced by his family for three centuries and from it has retained the art of simple, frank laughter which is never in poor taste.
Carlo did what everybody does, he went to school, only his school was that of Mum and Dad’s circus, that of the “Avan-Spettacolo” where all the well known Italian comedians learned their trade : Nino Manfredi, Alberto Sordi, Toto, Anna Magnani,...
He worked with Dario Fo and many times with Fellini : ‘Le Notte di Cabiria’, ‘La Starda’, ‘I clown’, ‘Amarcord’, ‘Roma’, Casanova’ .

Carlo and his mimics the way he moves and his derision have already made the whole world laugh : from Africa to America through Asia, Australia, Europe and even the North Pole !


Carlo worked with his brother Alberto in European theatres. As far as I know they were one of the last White face clown and Auguste clown duos to present their art on theatre stages.

Carlo has received the ultimate reward as he has been nominated “The Greatest Clown in the World” by his peers during the “Festiclown” festival in Pontevedra (Spain). Bravo Maestro.

(JPEG) As was the case for his illustrious predecessors Grock and Popov, a book telling the life story of the artist and the man is being written.

Above and beyond his skills, Carlo had a huge heart and was one of the most truly beautiful people I know. It is an honour for me and a pleasure having been his assistant during all these years in his master-classes.