Press reviews - What they say

(JPEG) “A true clown, in the very noble sense. All along the way of St James to Compostela, he made people laugh anytime he could feel sadness. I will never forget our improvised clown duo in Compostela in front of a Japanese TV crew who were making a programme about me”.
(Paulo Coelho, Writer)

(JPEG) Clément Triboulet...A la fois clown, maître de cérémonie, météorologue ( !), ce gentil homme aux multiples casquettes a de la suite dans les idées. Animateur hors pair, il agit comme une boîte de Prozac sans effets indésirables. Sa taille imposante, à l’instar de sa générosité et de son talent, ne passe pas inaperçue. Une dose de bonheur à prendre sans aucune modération ! .
(ASBL Les Plus Beaux Villages de Wallonie)

(JPEG) “Clément Triboulet is not the typical character one expects to find on stage, but rather a finely tuned, yet spontaneous and immensely kind man. And that’s why it works ! Sincere empathy, kindness in every gesture, full of life, approachable, a touch of madness and obvious theatrical skills... ! That’s why he works with us. I love creating new tailor-made roles for him. Each time Clément boards our drunken ship, we arrive safely...”
(Luc Meessen, event designer for Noves Group sprl)

(JPEG) “The incredible Clément ! Full steam talent, wagon loads of good humour, first class finesse, daring in abundance, pure happiness which takes you away to another place, and all that wrapped up in a bundle of kindness ! A clown of immense worth"
(André Borbé, author, composer, interpreter, for the Grand Jour presentation)

(JPEG) “A mini tornado !
(The organisers of « Maffe village of the cheese »)

“A true clown, in the tradition of clowns, he looks people in the eye and touches their hearts. Clément is the best assistant I have ever had.”
(Carlo Colombaioni)

“Clément Triboulet ? That’s simple : spontaneity, presence, culture, and humour ...but above all kindness and love.”
(B.Landié, Groupama, France)

“Clément Triboulet is to theatrical improvisation what ‘caterpillar’ is to construction : an indispensable all terrain vehicle.”
(P.Dechesne, Epofor asbl)

(JPEG) “I was lucky enough to meet Mr TRIBOULET during an end of year party that I organised for our staff. His role : a “mafia godfather” instructing his staff at the Radesky hotel for a casino evening. I must admit that I wondered how my colleagues would react ! But with enormous professionalism Mr TRIBOULET was able, in the blink of an eye, to “gauge”, the receptivity of the evening’s participants. Daring but not reckless, he doesn’t mince his words. He is not in the least vulgar ; everything is done with a touch of finesse and a great sense of empathy finishes off his character. The result : bucket loads of laughter, the objective was reached.”
(V. Abry, Dexia)


« Fuck you ! »
(Jango Edwards)

(JPEG) “A force of nature ; he is everywhere, he talks to everyone, sees everything, hears everything, even what’s going on behind his back, which allows him to surprise the audience. Incredible overflowing energy, a sort of Belgian Depardieu”
(Mr Benetteau, in “La table ronde”, Paris)

“Never underestimate the power of his stupidity”
(Camille Magonette, Wanfercée Baulet festival committee)

(JPEG) “In general when we arrive at an evening, a show, an event, we feel ill at ease. We look around for people we know, get ourselves a drink... With Clément Triboulet, that’s impossible. I have never seen guests welcomed in such a way as soon as they arrive. He “broke the ice” right from the word go and a party atmosphere took over, even if we knew no-one.”
(A.B.Montero, Berlitz School)

“Clément Triboulet, he is hugely ‘aware’, you understand ?"
(J.C. Vandamme, actor)

“Tell me about the man... You are talking about the Clément Triboulet ; (JPEG) who passes himself off for the mayor of Aubel and who tells tall tales and stories to an oftentimes - too -“serious” audience of public figures and businessmen ? With his big glasses, slicked back hair and tail coat it seems that he would like to appear as a serious man with heavy responsibilities. Well, it doesn’t work ! Unless maybe that’s the idea... And he’s just doing that for a laugh... But of course, that must be it ! That’s why they were all laughing and slapping their thighs till it hurt. I understand better now.”
(Benoît Dorthu, Head of Tourism, Aubel)

“When we invite Clément Triboulet, it is so (JPEG) that he can treat us to some of his deep spiritual reflections punctuated with a few misplaced, disconcerting additions. Clément, is unique... but if we could clone him and have one per square kilometre, the world would be far more beautiful and in much better spirits.”
(Hany Libon, Galler chocolates)