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(JPEG) It was an honour at the beginning of 2007 for the clown Clément Triboulet to be chosen by Studio 100 , the famous Belgian production company to give life to PLOP THE GNOME in the brand new French version of the programme. Studio 100 is situated in Flanders (Schelle and Londerzeel) and specialises in programmes for children (Samson and Gert, Bumba, Mega Mindy, Spring, K3, Piet the Pirate, etc...

Plop the gnome has become an institution in Flanders and in the Netherlands where for the last ten years children have grown up listening to the stories told daily by Plop and his friends and presented by the hilarious duo Samson (the talking dog) and Gert.(JPEG)

Studio 100 works in television for children, but also in big live shows, music, DVDs and theme parks based on their characters.

Clément Triboulet is delighted to have been able to work with a team of creative people who have all managed to keep their childhood spirit, making children dream and taking them along into their imaginary world.

Plop the gnome can be seen every day on CLUB RTL .