The character

Clément Triboulet is what we call a “Nouveau Clown”.

(JPEG) He’s a mad-cap master of ceremonies who hides his red nose beneath a tail coat, slicked back hair, a bow tie and big glasses. He looks as if he has just walked out of the reception area of a grand hotel or a luxury cruise-ship from the 30s..... No matter where he is, in a theatre, a concert hall, the street, a restaurant, or on a stage, he welcomes each and everyone from the moment they arrive with style and deference, humour and kindness. In his presence, spectators have neither the time to get bored, nor need to search for friendly faces in the crowd, the cloakroom or the bar ; they feel at home straight away ! And then, the magic begins : a little detail in someone’s clothing, a vague resemblance whether real or imagined, a question asked by a disconcerted spectator, Clément Triboulet knows how to make things funny and make everyone interact with each other ; turning the usually dull waiting before a show into a show in its own right !

Clément Triboulet has a switch on his back which can be set between “a little” and “totally” mad, depending on the organisers’ wishes.

Whether the crowd is made up of 50 people or 3000, he will have a word, a smile, something silly, a “magic” trick for everyone. From his bag of tricks he’ll pull out weird and wonderful accessories all of which will provide an opportunity for a visual show for young and old alike.

Thanks to his masters, Carlo Colombaioni and Jango Edwards, who he assisted as teacher and translator in Masterclases all over Europe and to his involvement in street theatres, international festivals and numerous “TGV”* (Geometrically Variable Theatre) shows in Belgium and France, he has acquired a wealth of experience in the art of improvisation.



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